TRADITION AND INOVATIONS - Sirogojno Co. is a modern and inovative enterprise, which has been successful in the global market, while being grounded within the local traditon and natural resources of its region. High quality production is achieved through constant technological evolvement of production processes, and it is also enhanced by natural conditions for fruit growing in the region of Western Serbia.

COOPERATION AND SUPPORT - Sirogojno Co. aims to improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural production in the region through ongoing educational and financial support for the fruit growers. Through series of seminars the growers are continuously updated with the latest technological innovations. In addition to that, Sirogojno Co. offers support for further investments in fruit production (purchase of agricultural equipment, crop insurance, crop protection devices, etc.) by negotiating favorable conditions with financial institutions and insurance companies. Throughout the year a team of agricultural and plant protection engineers within the Company is available for advice on various aspects of fruit growing. The cooperation with Sirogojno Co. represents an encouragement to agricultural producers in the region of Mount Zlatibor for further investments in production and also has a positive impact through prevention of migrations to urban areas.

PARTNERSHIP AND TRAINING - Mutual trust, respect of social standards as well as commitment to ensuring best possible work conditions are the core of the partnership between Sirogojno Co. and its employees. The efficiency and quality of production are based upon the employees' high level of expertise, their profesionalism and motivation towards constant learning.

LOCAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - Social responsibility and contribution towards the development of the local community are an integral part of Sirogojno Co.'s business strategy and have a significant influence on our business success. The Company is directed towards raising the standards of living within the local comunity, through improvement of the quality of education, healthcare, general infrastructure and enrichment of the cultural offerings of the region. Throughout its activities Sirogojno Co. aims to encourage the local population to pursue careers in the local area and support further development of the region.

QUALITY AND RELIABILITY - Striving towards the highest standards of quality and food safety, with exceptional attention to detail and service tailored to clients' specific needs, makes Sirogojno Co. a safe and reliable partner of choice.